My name is Terry Gonguet, a "fullstack" web developer born in the French Alps trying to make my way into the world. At around 12 years old I discovered Minecraft's Redstone and the C programming language (pretty harsh introduction, I know) and got hooked instantly. Ever since I've spent an unreasonable amount of time every day trying to either make magic thinking rocks do my bidding or learn more about the discipline.

I've always been a fervent proponent of trying to decentralize the web but recent efforts seem... misguided. Breaking up huge tech monopolies and letting everyone have a voice are good goals and I hope the tech becomes viable for broad adoption soon.

Most of the code I write these days is for the web because I find many of its properties valuable (like linkability, backward compatibility etc). I am especially interested in making games explicitely designed for the web now that almost all browsers can display 2D and 3D graphics and use gamepads (among other amazing features).

One day I hope to be able to live from making interesting and fun games but in the meantime I'm excited to make the internet slightly more awesome, one website at a time!


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