Telligo and summer camps

April and August 2019

As I mentionned in another blog post, I really like teaching. However I'm very much introverted so hearing that I did two summer camps (not necessarily in the summer) as an animator might be surprising. It was for me and I did it! I heared about Telligo from a friend and managed to get hired for an 8 day camp, Game Develpment themed.

As expected from a workforce composed entirely of young underpaid people, we worked much more and longer than is healthy or reasonable (I swear there is a inverse correlation between the amount you pay young people and the work they output). I also managed to catch both the flu and diarrhea in there and there was a few days that were sub-par.

I really enjoyed the game dev part however. I was the Unity specialist in both camps and helped a few kids to make prototypes for 3D games. Because they were pretty young I did all of the programming but I tried to do it in front of them while explaining what I was doing to hopefully plant the first seed of the programmer's logic in their young minds.

Of course we didn't do only game dev, only in the mornings and not every day and did other activities I was much less good at. All in all it is a really good experience that taught me a lot of things I wasn't always ready for, I won't try to list them here because it's some of those things you have to learn by yourself. I probably will never do anything like that ever again because I value my freedom to sleep more than 5 hours per day at more than 30€/day but I don't regret doing it.