This is the page where all the information only relevant to you hiring me are. If what you're looking for isn't here it might be somewhere else on this site, you can look for it using my amazing main menu! If you can't do that you can always ask me directly, I respond pretty quickly.

I currently live in Lyon have a driving license but no car at hand. French🇫🇷 is my native tongue but I also am fluent in English🇬🇧.

All the items in the following lists link to blog posts that detail what I did and thought about during these events. Most of my personal experience can be found here, sorted into "alive" and abandonned projects.


I am a full stack web developer and even though I know some things about "traditional" languages and technologies like Haskell (💜), PHP (🤢), .NET, Java etc, I am much more proficient with the web technologies (HTML/CSS/JS). I can (and do) develop both the front and back end of NodeJS applications.

On the server, I have experience using Express, MongoDB, Keystone (v4) and GraphQL. On the client I have experimented with many tools and love Sapper, Typescript, VueJS and PIXI.js for all of my applications and games. I played with too many interesting tools and technologies to all list here but these are the main ones.

I take good pride in my technical skills and spend a good amount of time keeping them sharp but I think my best skill is learning. I love to learn new things all the time, especially if they can help me to do my job better or more efficiently.

Professional experience

I made an e-commerce website from scratch Let's be an entrepreneur I like teaching Telligo and summer camps Internship at Alpes ContrĂ´les


Diplôme Étudiant Entrepreneur - Lyon 3 DUETI + Bachelor in Computing - IT Tallaght DUT Informatique - Université Savoie Mt. Blanc BAC S - St Julien en Genevois Home