I'm Terry, a web focused developer born in the French Alps trying to make my way into the world. At around 12 years old I discovered Minecraft's Redstone and the C programming language (pretty harsh introduction, I know) and got hooked instantly. Ever since then I spend an unreasonable amount of time every day trying to make magic thinking rocks do my bidding or learn more about the discipline.

I'm a fervent proponent of the open and decentralized web because it lets everybody and anybody learn about what they want and publish what they have to say.

Most of the code I write these days is for the web because I find many of its properties powerful (like linkability, backward compatibility etc). I am especially interested in making games explicitely designed for the web now that almost all browsers can display 2D and 3D graphics and use gamepads (among other amazing features).

One day I hope to be able to live from making interesting and fun games but in the meantime I'm excited to make the internet slightly more awesome, one website at a time!